We welcome visitors and encourage you to visit!

Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy German Shepherds

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Silver Edition German shepherd puppies are sold with limited AKC registration. Full AKC registration is additional for select individuals.

About Us

Experienced Breeders

We are breeders of the "old fashion German Shepherd", straight backed, calm and gentle temperament,

We breed straight backed, over sized and calm temperament German Shepherd. We test all parent stock for DM and hip dysplasia.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline


 We socialize our puppies in a controlled environment.  We test all parent stock for Dm and Hip dysplasia. We back our genetics with a 3 year warranty. 

A Furever Friend


We breed for family companions. Our puppies are very gentle making them great family dogs. They are intelligent and can be easily trained. Protective by nature.

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Silver Edition German Shepherds

Little Rock Run, Somerset, Kentucky 42501, United States

606-305-5508 cell and text
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We welcome visitors!

We encourage you to visit us, meet the parent stock, view the place and meet your breeder. 

About Us

We breed for health and temperament. We test our parent stock for DM (degenerative Myeolapathy) and

Old Fashion German Shepherds

We breed AKC German Shepherds that are straight backed,  calm temperamented and oversized. We test parent stock for degenerative Myeolapathy and hip dysplasia prior to breeding. We back our puppies with a 3 year warranty against genetic diseases. 

Litter is listening to me. They are quite and attentive.

How to reserve one of our puppies

We accept deposits for planned breedings in the future. Tell us what gender you want and we place you on a waiting list. Deposits ($350) nonrefundable. You always have the option to move litters. 

Bobby, our grandson, socializing with a puppy

We welcome visitors by appointment

We are Jeff & Sandra Lewis and encourage you to visit. Meet our parent stock, view my notebook of registrations, pedigrees, DM test results and hip xrays graded by OFA. Take a tour of our facility and meet your breeder. See for yourself where your puppy began life.